The Animi Beauty System® opens new perspectives in the field of selfness and mindness services using the Animi Beauty System®’s know-how and the Colour Energy Ritual which was further developed on its grounds. It provides beauticians and experienced psychotherapists and spiritual healers with trainings and possibility for business cooperation. With this new approach it contributes to the success of the above mentioned professionals.

Every beautician needs to be some kind of psychologist as the guests visit her partly to relax, forget about their everyday problems and refresh. The syllabus of the Animi Beauty System® and the Colour-Energy Ritual perfectly covers the knowledge and practical methods needed for that.

This method was elaborated by a highly qualified and recognized expert, teacher, examiner and active beautician master who has been running her own successful beauty business for twenty years. It is a reputable beauty salon with beautician education and training, beauty product wholesale and retail, and authorized dealing of professional brands.

She obtained her degree at the University of Debrecen and wrote her thesis about the relations between the skin and the soul in 1999. As part of her scientific activity she gave presentations at the First National Dermatologist and Beautician Congress (with the title: ‘Mental Hygiene – the Bridge between the Dermatologist and the Beautician’), at the First National Mental Hygiene Congress (titled: ‘Mental Hygiene in the Beauty Care’) and in October, 2012 at the Traveling Assembly of the Relaxation and Symbol Therapeutic National Association she gave a speech on Beautifying and Developing the Soul with Animi Soul Cosmetology®.

Her profession is continuously motivated by the beauty care and the psychology. In February, 2011 her methodology which is based on a 20-year experience was patent protected as Animi Beauty System®. The Animi Accredited Education Centre at the heart of Debrecen passes on her knowledge in the form of Animi Make-up, Animi Soul Beautician trainings. For our franchise partners there are Animi Beauty System Soul Beautician and Animi Beauty System Soul Beautician Master trainings. We provide other professionals in the field of soulhealing with Colour-Energy Mentor trainings.

Three innovative tools were developed to assist the high standard Animi Soul Cosmetology® services, which ease the work of the Animi Beauty System® professionals. We distribute these tools with design and interior architectural elements together, preserving the exclusivity of our Animi Beauty System Soul-Beautician partners. We provide our professionals with regular trainings so that they can keep delivering a very high standard service.

Being an Animi Beauty System specialist is a profession. We look forward to the application of those who are touched by the idea of selfness and mindness and who want to make use of an exclusive, professional, patent protected method and system. They are sensitive to the human soul, kind with their guests and open to the new. The Animi Beauty System® opens up a new dimension in the cosmetology profession: the beautician who once worked on the surface and dealt with results, is now revealing the causes underlying the problems deep in the soul. By discovering and solving these mental problems, she can achieve a fast and lasting result.

Surely beauty comes from within and shines out!